Nabasco Products wins AVK Innovation award 2021 with biobased Traffic Sign


The AVK has presented its prestigious Innovation Awards at the award ceremony that took place during the JEC DACH FORUM in Frankfurt am Main this week. The award recognizes new and pioneering innovations. See for more information

We are delighted that Nabasco Products from Amsterdam (sister-company of NPSP) is the winner in the category Products and Applications with its development of the biobased & circularTraffic Sign (NabascoSign), in cooperation with traffic sign company Pol Heteren from The Netherlands and production company Lorenz Kunststofftechnik from Germany.

With NabascoSign we’ve entered the traffic sign market with a circular and biobased solution, with a low CO2 and environmental foot print. Earlier this year the product NabascoSign was already Cradle to Cradle Bronze certified.

With these products we entered the market with more competitive and sustainable thermoset composite materials, thanks to the use of waste- and biobased materials, together with good end-of-life solutions.

The applications of these new sustainable materials are viable for sectors in which f.e. aluminium, steel or wood are used like street furniture, building and construction, transport and railway.

The Traffic signs are made from the biobased and circular material Nabasco 8010 (patented in 2018). Since 2014, NPSP has been researching and working on this material and technology through numerous research projects, both European and industrial with different companies and institutions ranging from Pol, Nouryon, Lorenz Kunststofftechnik, Waterboards, TU Delft and the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy of Avans and HZ Universities of Applied Science.