Nabasco 10010

Nabasco 10010 combines natural fibers with a 100% natural resource-based resin.

These high performance materials are 100% biobased and up to 100% waste based. The holy grail for circular material developers!

100% circulair
100% Biobased
Geschikt voor binnen- en buitentoepassingen
Hoge hittebestendigheid
Goede specifieke stijfheid


Nabasco N-10010 combines natural fibers with a resin based on 100% natural raw materials. N-10010 is our material for high-performance applications. This material has the potential to be fully circular. This means that both all raw materials are recycled and the product is also fully reusable after use.

The products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and have the usual advantages of composites (strong, stiff, light, long life, etc.). An advantage of this material is that it has good fire safety properties.