Nabasco N5010

Nabasco N-5010 combines natural fibers with a polyester resin based largely on natural raw materials.

Lighter than aluminum and fiberglass, higher vibration damping than carbon.

Goede specifieke stijfheid
Goede trillings- en geluidsdemping
44% - 73% biobased
Breekt zonder scherpe randen
Geschikt voor binnen- en buitentoepassingen
Lange levensduur



the standard material

For high demanding applications

The light weight sandwich structure


Very strong and stiff in a specific direction


Nabasco 5010 (N5010) is the material of choice for lightweight products for demanding applications. N5010 is used in particular in the transport sector, public spaces, construction, sports equipment and furniture.

Nabasco 5010 lends itself excellently to small to large scale or hollow products. Due to the added stiffness of the natural fibers, products with thin wall thickness and light weight can still have a high-quality stiffness.

Various techniques are possible in production with N5010. The use of these materials is interesting from a few pieces to the production of thousands per year.

During production, adjustments can be made to change the 'look and feel' of the product but electronic components or inserts can also be integrated. After production, the material can be well finished with milling and drilling and, for example, connecting holes can be added.


Product surface

The product surface finish can be either glossy, silk or matte.


Adding pigments to the resin allows the color and visibility of the natural fibers to be adjusted.