Nabasco 9010

Nabasco 9010 combines natural and/or recycled fibers with a biobased plastic.

Soundproof, lightweight and recyclable

Geschikt voor binnentoepassingen
Tot 100% biobased
Breekt zonder scherpe randen
Goede trillings- en geluidsdemping


N9010 Denim

Denim-PLA mix

N9010 Hemp

Hemp-PLA mix

N9010 Viscose

Viscose-PLA mix

N9010 Coffee Jute

Jute of coffee bags - PLA mix

N9010 Natural fiber-viscose mix

Natural fiber-viscose-PLA mix


Nabasco 9010 is a thermoplastic biocomposite for interior applications such as in lamps, furniture and soundproofing panels.

The material is available as thin (laminate) sheet or as molded parts. In production with Nabasco 9010, various techniques are possible. The use of this material is interesting for single pieces up to production of thousands per year.

During production, adjustments can be made to change the look and feel of the product but electronic components or inserts can also be integrated. After production, the material can be easily finished with milling and drilling and, for example, connecting holes can be added.


Custom made blends

Processing of special fibers on request for special mechanical or aesthetic properties (look & feel)

Surface quality

Gloss or matt

With an extra layer of PLA

Increased protection against moisture for life span or cleanability

Other plastics

Where PLA does not satisfy