Nabasco 8010

Nabasco 8010 consists of natural fibers, filler from waste streams and a largely biobased resin.

Nabasco® is an environmentally friendly, biobased and circular composite. By using natural fibers and a bio-resin, instead of petroleum-based resin, a biobased composite with a very low carbon footprint is created. Little energy is used for the production. Moreover, the raw materials come from Europe and the production also takes place in Europe. 

Standard available as plate material and in moulded parts:

  • Base Flax: the standard material with flax fibers
  • Base Cane: the standard material with straw fibers
  • Base Textile: the standard material with cotton textile fibers (recyclable)
  • Base Sisal: the standard material with sisal fibers
  • Base Jute: the standard material with jute fibers
  • Fire Cane: extra fire-resistant variant of Base Cane

Of course other solutions and combinations are possible on request. The material is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is strong, retains its shape, has a long life and is easy to maintain.

Projects with Nabasco 8010