NPSP develops and supplies innovative environmentally friendly composite materials and products for public space, construction, design and mobility. We use bio-based and circular raw materials as much as possible, which can be reused after a long life cycle.

Together with our partners, we realize beautiful solutions in bio-based composites and use high-tech production technology for everyday applications in natural fiber-reinforced plastics. In doing so, we want to play a leading role in making our society more sustainable by demonstrably reducing the environmental burden and providing expert advice.

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BioFold - een unieke biocirculaire wandafwerking

Vanaf vandaag 19 oktober is de website met unieke configurator beschikbaar. Biofold is al te zien het paviljoen the Exploded View van de Nieuwe Helden op de #DDW21 in Eindhoven en zal daar nog te zien zijn t/m zondag 24 oktober as.



Productsheet Nabasco 5010
Productsheet Nabasco 8010
Fire certificate Nabasco N-8010